5 Simple Tips to Create WordPress Landing Page [Free]

5 Simple Tips to Create WordPress Landing Page [Free]

You Are driving traffic to your site, or worse you are paying for visitors, and these visitors aren’t converting. What do you need to do? Well, in case you don’t do the following five tricks, those visitors will be wasted, and you’re not going to be able to convert them.

Creating a WordPress landing page which extends over 35%. Well, that’s possible. Sure if you’re promoting a product for $150, you’re not going to find a 35% conversion rate. But let’s say you’re just beginning and collecting results like title and email address, you’ll get over 35%.

Before you go-to tips, you should have some basics.


“A Landing Page is a page that’s sort of “separate” from the different stuff of your website and, it is mainly devoted to those sorts of traffic that access your site since they probably heard about your business someplace else on the Internet. And you’re probably thinking.”


Why is a landing page devoted to those users?

Well, think about it. There is a visitor that has likely never heard about you before, gets to your site, gets to your homepage.

Likely sticks around for 2 seconds, and then he will Leave finally and never return since there was nothing quite unusual for him and there were also many things which were distracting him.

On your Landing Page, you can display something like a free PDF, by way of instance, that’s also linked to your enterprise. And, besides, it has to be attractive to your visitor. Therefore, for example, if you have a business about, I do not know. Candy Manufacturing, for instance, you can display a PDF that states:

“Top 10 health benefits of candy” (What do I Understand ) But, it has to be something appealing. And, more and more traffic will come to that Attractive WordPress Landing Page, and you’ll be able to gather an increasing number of email addresses. 

And today, when you publish a blog post, for instance, or whenever you launch a new solution, it is possible to send an email to all those traffic, and they can come and assess your blog post or your original item. And, likely, not every person that you have emailed will come to check out your new blog post. However, I assure you that many of these will.  And, in a nutshell, this is the purpose of a Landing Page: To gather more and more email addresses and for visitors to stick around and declare them whenever some new things are coming up on your site, or anything associated with your business.

Okay now come back on the tips that can boost your conversion rates but should you obey these Exact tips:-

1.) So tip number one, use online landing page tools like Instapage and ClickFunnels. The cool part about ClickFunnels and Instapage as well as Lead Pages is they divide the landing pages in their system that convert to the very best. And they aren’t making this up by saying oh this landing page turns better than this other one cause it looks neater. 

They are using data, they have numerous clients, thousands, and tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands, that they’re basing it off their current customer base along with their current conversion prices. They know all their clients are using this one landing page that’s switching better than most of the other ones on the market, that should tell you, hey you should start with this specific landing page first.

2.) The second tip I Have for you is to have a surprising, unique value proposition. Perhaps not a bullshit one like a place on your name and email and I shall send you a free pdf, or I will send you weekly updates. It has to be amazing, such as, “with a lot of my offers I give free courses”.

I carry free manuals that I have spent $30,000 creating. Now I’m a crazy man. You don’t have to go above and beyond like me, but my things convert better than most folks. Why? Because I go over and beyond. With your value proposition, it ought to resonate with people, and if you’re not solving an issue they’re facing at a profound problem, they’re not going to opt-in or buy from you. 

If you’re merely scratching the surface and you aren’t breaking down why they should opt-in or the reason why they ought to buy your service or product and why it simplifies this problem they have had forever, they are not as inclined to purchase from you. So really pay attention to your copy. Everything that I have tested when it comes to landing pages copy and value proposition is one of the most significant factors that affect the conversion rate.

3.) The third tip I Because I discovered that in advertising, everyone tries to overcomplicate stuff. There’s no good reason for it. You should keep things super simple? For example, if you’ve got 10 form fields, when you only need two, remove the extra stuff you don’t require.

If you have a lot of copy and You’re saying the Identical stuff gets to the point. Super accessible landing pages tend to convert better than ones who go on and on and ramble.

I am not saying you need to have brief landing pages. Instead, what I am saying is that you need to get to the point. Should you need to have a more extended landing page since it can help you answer opinions, objections are concerns people have before they buy from you, then that’s fine, have a long landing page.

But get to the stage and take out the fluff. That’s called Keeping it simple, right. You do not want fluffy long landing pages that go on and on like I am right now with this point, as you are going to lose people.

4.) The fourth suggestion I Have for you is to show social proof. There are so many different variations of social proof. They are testimonials. They could be case studies, and it could be results that other men and women are undergoing, it could even be videos. That’s crazy, that’s a shit ton of material evidence. There are many distinct variations that you could utilize. It depends, dependent on the sort of landing page you’ve got and the business you have.

So if you are unsure about the best type of social evidence, for Your landing page, make a comment below to which you are thinking, and I’ll respond on if I feel that’s great or if that is bad or if you should do something else rather than

5.) The fifth tip I Have for you will be to make a video. Not everybody enjoys studying. Some people love looking at pictures. However, a picture isn’t going to cause lots more people to convert. You need a video that should explain everything that they will have when they opt-in, or buy your product, or sign up for your services. That video should be brief and to the stage.

It ought to answer any objections people have before they hint Upward or buy from you. And it must describe everything in a reasonable order. You don’t wish to be bouncing around and creating your movie pitch perplexing. When you do videos, what you may find is, it can sometimes reduce your conversions.

However, the quality of the customer that you wind up creating Is much better, and they tend to spend more over the lifetime value. So you need to test the video. So stick to those tips, you’re likely to have an excellent landing page that is going to convert better.

If you are selling a product, based on how targeted the traffic is, you could be at numbers like three, five, four, and at times up at 10% based on the price point.

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