What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? 2020

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? 2020

Search Engine Optimization or we can say SEO is the process of ranking your website or articles at the number one, two, or third position on the google search result page organically, Whenever a person searches for a particular keyword on the search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Let’s say you write a new article on your website now you want to drive traffic and promote your article. You have three different options to do that.

The first option is to promote the link to that article on your Facebook wall, Facebook group, or in the link section of your Instagram bio. Now it is possible that you don’t have thousands of people who are following you, So the maximum number of people who might visit your article will be somewhere close to 100 – 200.

Now the second option is that you can run Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and YouTube ads and drive traffic towards your website or article. But in this case, if you are not selling a product or a service, and driving traffic only towards your article, then you won’t be able to do it profitably.

The last and most important traffic source is organic traffic. The traffic that is coming from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

So the whole puzzle of SEO is getting your article or your website ranked no.1 for your targeted keywords on the google search result. We are only talking about Google and not the other search engines, this is because Google dominates the search engine market. Once you are ranked no.1 for your targeted keyword, you will start driving free traffic to your article or website.


Things you can do to increase your website or article’s SEO Score.


1. Write relevant and quality content

There is no substitute for valuable content and quality content is the no.1 source to increase your search engine rankings. You need to create the content specifically for your intended user to increase the traffic on your website.

If the content on your website doesn’t provide the value to your visitor it will not help your website to increase the SEO Score.

2. Metadata

To make your website rank higher on google search result page you need to tell google about your website so that Google knows that what your website is all about what type of content you provide to your visitors. Make sure to insert the metadata on your website to increase your SEO Score.

What you should consider while optimizing the metadata of your site?

  • Title

The title is displayed at the top of your browser and Headline on the search engine result page. Make sure to include your selected keyword at the beginning of your title so that google as well as your visitor will know about the content you are providing on your website.

  • Description

The description for your equally important as the title. It is displayed under the heading on the search engine result page and shows your visitors what the page is all about. Same as the heading the title should also include the selected keywords which you want to optimize the page or website.

Here is an image showing you how the Heading and title look on a search engine result page!

seo headline & title

  • Alt text

The alt tags are used to describe the media in your pages such as images, videos, and others. The alt tags tell google that what this media is all about and helps the search engine to show this media in the image search results. If in case your image is not displayed to the user then these alt tags will help the visitor to know what that media is all about.

3. Link to other websites

Using other website’s links on your website is also a major step to increase your SEO score. There are two ways you can use linking on your website to increase the SEO score.

  1. Linking to other website. This is known as Outbound Hyperlinks.
  2. When other website links your website content on their website. This is called Inbound Hyperlinks.

Apart from this you can also create links to your own article, blogs or pages. This not only helps in increasing your SEO score but also provide a great value to your visitor. This way you guide your visitor to  your other content that they might find helpful for them.

4. Regularly update the content

You might have heard that “Content is the King”. But if your content is not up to date then its like a king with no powers. Your visitor wants to know more and the latest updates on the topic you are writing on and if he/she is not getting any value in your content then why they will stay on your website. Updating your content time to time is very important for the SEO ranking. Don’t forget to update your content according to the new trends.

5. Optimize your website for mobile

A recent study shows that in the last 12 months, on average, 66% of search queries in India were Performed on mobile phones, and the number of mobile users are still rising.
This means most of the traffic on the websites is coming from mobile. Thats the reason why you need to optimize your website for mobile.
Mobile friendly website means that the website should look good and functional when a user visits the site on His/Her mobile. If you are using WordPress to make your website you can use the Different page builders like Elementor to make your web-pages more mobile friendly.

6. Speed up your website

Site speed is also one of the major factor that the Google algorithm takes into consideration when ranking your site on its Search Engine Result Page.

The longer it takes for the page to load, the more frustrated the visitor becomes. This may cause them to leave your site and go to other website. According to neilpatel.com, if your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you’ll be losing almost 40% of your site visitors. To improve bounce rates and thus your Search Engine Result Page ranking, you’ll need to make some changes to your site to improve it’s speed.

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