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Our FAQ page is here to answer the questions that may pop up when you are considering a new website for your organization or business.

It depends on the project needs and budget of our clients. We make both kind of websites custom as well as WordPress websites.

By far this is the most common and most asked question of clients. Unlike other companies we don’t ask you for more money if you make more money than others. We know our prices are fair and affordable so, we have nothing to hide. Not every website is same not even every businesses are same as each other so the best way to find out how much your website will cost is to talk to us. Get a custom quote for your amazing project by filling this form here.

You should know that each project is different, Our standard websites take approximately 9-120 days to create and Our E-commerce (online store) websites take approximately 160 days to create. This time will vary from project to project.

Absolutely! We will help you through all the process from planning/ designing to develop your website to get the high leads from your website.

We are committed to providing you high quality websites with the perfect balance of features and price for your businesses. We have worked for making our process of website creation easy and fast to reduce the amount for our clients. We believe in quality of our websites often exceeds the quality of companies charging five or ten times more than us. Please contact us for an exact cost estimate.

It’s probably no surprise that as a design agency, we have some strong thoughts on why you should be skeptical when it comes to using a free website template. Your website plays a big role in your communication and marketing strategy. Free is nice, but we believe that the savings aren’t worth it when it comes to something as critical as your website.

Yes. Many design companies won’t mention recurring costs before starting your project. At a minimum, you’ll need monthly web hosting and an annual domain name registration. Our website plans are a single-rate solution which include monthly hosting, domain name registration along with managed maintenance to keep everything running smooth.

Our primary focus is working with service oriented business-to-consumer (B2C) small businesses. We have experience with creating websites within almost every major industry. Contact us and we’ll consult with you to see if we’d be a good fit.

100% Yes! As mention above, everything we do have unlimited revisions until you are 100% happy with the design. This is also true for our graphics department. We do logo design, business card design, flyer design, brochure design, stationary, banners and much more as we help you build your brand.

We accept payments through Cheque, Cash, UPI and Direct Bank Transfer.

To know about our return policy you can consider checking our Terms & Conditions page.

Yes. It’s almost always possible to get your website to show up for “branded” searches, meaning someone typing in your business name. It can be much more difficult to compete on industry keywords if your market is oversaturated.

YES! Everything that we build will be 100% owned by you.

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